My obsession with light and space began early. I grew up in a Southern Oregon river valley and near the ocean on California’s central and southern coasts, in a series of work-in-progress homes, each designed and built by my stepfather, an architect and watercolorist. My childhood was filled with projects involving pencils and paper, fabrics, and various building materials.

As a Studio Art major in college, I continued to make things, focusing on drawing, painting, and black and white photography. I studied figure drawing and printmaking with Nathan Oliveira, with whom I shared a fascination with the human form. It was Nathan who first introduced me to monotypes.

My indirect route back to printmaking included two cross-country moves and, ironically, a pastel class. During my investigation into pastels, I learned about Wendy Orville’s monotype workshops. These ongoing, group sessions have been invaluable to my development as an artist, giving me a supportive environment in which to learn and create.

Today, I also have a studio, as well as a press, of my own. Happily bemused by life’s twists and turns, I am living once again near the water, this time on an island in Washington State’s Puget Sound, building images on paper and benefiting from the island’s generous and inclusive community of artists.

Other artists with whom I feel a kinship:
Edward Hopper
Fairfield Porter
Andrew Wyeth